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Pain Points

Data sits in silo

Every shipment requires operation on multiple channels

Prone to frauds

The Solutions

Information Sharing


Authenticity by blockchain

Blockonnet at a glance

Booking Deposit Module

Booking deposit module is a state-of-the-art project demonstrating how to architect and deploy blockchain technology. Key focus of this module is to deliver a system to solve the business need in logistics industry by technology. The module uses Ethereum blockchain, nodejs and React by Facebook Open Source as the technology backbone. With intuitive and simple UI, in just few clicks, ordinary user can leverage the power of smart contract. RESTful API for enterprise integration is also featured. Please contact us to learn more.


TEU Booking Module has transacted couple hundred containers since launch. Please read full text in the announcement.

About us

Startup Incubation Awards:

  • DFA Cohort 5, Dubai
  • Cyberport, HK
  • Plug and Play, Silicon Valley